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Anyone who wants to learn about investing.

No prior experience is required. Even if you’ve never purchased a stock before, you’ll learn how to trade and invest in the stock market with the least amount of risk. ( Students, Housewife, Traders/ Investors, Dealers, Businessmen & women, Employees Working In any Job)

YES, our mentorship program is built in such a way that even those with no prior financial experience can succeed. Our program is excellent for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market on their own.

We will go through selected technical analysis tools and approaches, as well as fundamental and technical stock screeners. Please see the section on topics covered for further information.

Because the majority of the course is practical, there won’t be much reading required. After enrolling in the program, you will receive links to several topics’ PDFs, a position sizing calculator, and all of the screeners.

Twice a Week. Once a learning sessions will be LIVE webinars. Second a query sessions in form of a LIVE webinar. Each class will last around 150 minutes.

No, LIVE classes are compulsory; recordings are not available.

If a session is missed for any reason, the topic will be updated in the next query session.

Understand the financial and Investments

We made it simple for you to understand, why it exists, who it serves and how it works.

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Students can send us there queries via email or WhatsApp.

Hands-On Learning

We want to make sure you receive the most value possible out of the significant commitment that enrolling in a course entails.

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